We creatively and strategically solve business problems

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We take the time to “adopt” your business needs and address the “elephants” within your organization. We fully assess every aspect of your business and provide creative and strategic solutions.


Once we have clearly identified what challenges are in your organization, we quickly build systems and solutions that will move your organization forward.


We inspire action and create opportunities that will assist you in your business development and growth as an organization. 



Our purpose is to create opportunities for your business to grow through consulting, training and marketing.

We are a consulting business based out of Providence, Rhode Island. We are devoted to seeing your business succeed. One of our main objectives at CORE consulting is to solve the problem of poor food and beverage service in the restaurant and customer service industries across the nation. For a restaurant, your employees are your main “marketers” and essentially your “in-house marketing plan.” If they are not properly trained or your establishment does not have a clear training system, then your service is not going to reflect excellence.
As a result, no one is going to want to return to your dining establishment, refer their friends and family and or write a review on yelp. At CORE Consulting, we ensure that your staff is properly trained in our one of a kind dining service experience and that your dining establishment has a clear system of training moving forward. Our overall goal is to increase loyalty to your dining establishment by increasing your level of service excellence.
Our Vision
Pioneering a visionary company that inspires people to cultivate business opportunities and solve social problems.
Our mission is to consult and train employees within established organizations. We accomplish this through our simple and strategic consulting process. We assist you in aligning the company, culture and employees to ensure one singular focus, system and set of core values are the driving center within your organization. 
We exist to creatively and collaboratively solve business problems. Our purpose is to create opportunities for your business to grow through consulting, training and marketing.
We have a simple philosophy and CORE process that is ongoing for any organization: Assess, Build, Create. This sequential consulting process allows us to prepare your organization internally first and then move to the external which is focused more on marketing.

Our CORE values drive us as a visionary company to be better leaders, creators and consultants.

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